The JH Photo Cafe Now Open For Business
Thanks for stopping by the JH Photo Cafe, which is now open for business. The JH Photo Cafe is my informal photo blog, a place for visitors to stop by, browse a little and perhaps offer a little advice, guidance or the occasional opinion on the photos I take.

Keeping It Inexpensive While On The Move
The concept is to capture images of the natural and not so natural world around me using the tools I have at hand. I aim to edit and upload some of my pictures directly to the blog while out and about plus try managing the blog using mobile technology should I have occasion to do so. I will do this using my iPhone, the results may not be great but it will be interesting to see how it works out. What I hope to do is to take pictures of birds, butterflies and the like, then identify them and name the place where I took the photo.

My current kit consists of an iPhone 3GS, a HTC Desire running Andriod, a digital camera (the make and model of which escapes me just now) and a few reference /guide books. I will be posting some of the kit I use on the My Picks page with links through to them on Amazon, where more details can be found.

About Me
I run my own web development business and until recently I was also involved part time with adult education, teaching a wide range of computing related subjects from introductions to computing and office software right up to database driven business website development. I believe in keeping things as do-able as possible, using easily available tools and employing simple but powerful techniques to get fast results that work, all the while keeping things light hearted and fun. I hope to bring this philosophy to this blog while at the same time developing new skills in photography and learning a bit about the world around me. I also have an interest in heritage and history, which I also hope to develop along the way.  Not asking for much am I, wish me luck and welcome again to the JH Photo Cafe.

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  1. Matthew Cahill

    Hi John, this is Matt, met you at Noel and Magda’s Polish wedding, nice little blog you have running here, i will plug you on facebook. Let me know if you come across any great android apps.

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