Ballyloughane Beach, Galway, Ireland

I had a lovely lunchtime not too long ago wandering about Ballyloughane Beach, Galway, Ireland, taking pictures. These first two pictures are of the undisturbed sand just after the tide went out. The rest of the pictures are of Lugworm casts. To me the Lugworm casts and the sand they erupted from seemed to create some sort of alien landscape. I was fascinated by the thought that this landscape would exist like this for such a short time, it would not be too long before people, dogs and possibly even horses would leave their mark on the sand too and then the tide would rise again and wipe the slate clean.
Ballyloughane is a really great beach very near the city. It is a popular spot for joggers, power walkers, dog walkers, families and older folk who simply sit in their cars just looking out over Galway Bay. I have even seen guys in office attire down there after work picking shellfish, presumably, for a romantic dinner when they get home. Not being a big fish eater I have not tried it myself but it definitely appeals to the romantic in you!

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