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Open House Galway

Last October 16, saw Open House hit Galway. I opted to go on the waterway tour at 12 on Saturday which started at Wolfe Tone bridge. There was an excellent turn out. Initially this was a bit of a problem as it was difficult to hear the guide with that and the traffic noise. Once we got away from there it got much better and proved to be my high light of the day. The guide was excellent, really knew her suff and could pass it on with ease. I learned so much about how the Corrib and associated waterways. I have some badly taken photos and some voice memos to go with the day which I will post once I have done a bit of editing.

Low Tide At Ballyloughane Beach Galway – Hare Island

At the beach and tide is so low you can walk over to Hare Island. I had seen on google maps that there looked like a walkway to the island below the water but I had never seen it before. Tide has been out for an hour now so will not walk out in case tide comes in and I get stuck out there! If I was a kid I’d say what an adventure it would be. Looks like there are oyster catchers among the rocks. Not seen any for a good few months round here. Must look up their habits. Too dull for pictures of the birds.

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* A handy app for your iPhone is Marine Day Tides so you can tell when high and low tide is.
* This is the google map where you can see the walkway to the Island from above.
* This is the link to an article I found about Tadhg Seoighe, a Ballyloughane man of note, who, in later life, wrote stories mostly in Irish based on memories of the past and local folklore.

Early summer swallows

With what cannot be denied is the onset of autumn blowing around my doors and windows I was reminded of some pictures I took in early summer when today felt like it would never arrive. The whole summer was before me and I had not yet experienced that sinking feeling I get every year when June 21 passes. I was luck enough to be in Avebury this year for the solstice and then on to fun and frolics at Glastonbury a few days later, so the annual dip was put off for a few days. Until the festival hangover kicked in at any rate. Anyway I decided to dig out the pictures. The quality is not great but for the cheer me up it is not really autumn factor I thought I’d post them anyway.
Looking at the first picture there is a joke in there somewhere but I’m not going there, not even close, nope, not a chance of it, finished. If you hit on a good caption for it why not post a comment. The pictures were taken in a farmyard near the beautiful village of Clonbullogue, Co. Offaly, Ireland. The swallows were flying all around the place, zipping in and out of the farm building windows – including those vertical slit windows. Those birds can fly, as did the summer I though would never end.

Ballyloughane Beach, Galway, Ireland

I had a lovely lunchtime not too long ago wandering about Ballyloughane Beach, Galway, Ireland, taking pictures. These first two pictures are of the undisturbed sand just after the tide went out. The rest of the pictures are of Lugworm casts. To me the Lugworm casts and the sand they erupted from seemed to create some sort of alien landscape. I was fascinated by the thought that this landscape would exist like this for such a short time, it would not be too long before people, dogs and possibly even horses would leave their mark on the sand too and then the tide would rise again and wipe the slate clean.
Ballyloughane is a really great beach very near the city. It is a popular spot for joggers, power walkers, dog walkers, families and older folk who simply sit in their cars just looking out over Galway Bay. I have even seen guys in office attire down there after work picking shellfish, presumably, for a romantic dinner when they get home. Not being a big fish eater I have not tried it myself but it definitely appeals to the romantic in you!

Clare Island

Here are a few images I captured on a day cycling around Clare Island. It was a great day out, you can hire bikes on the island and a day is just enough to whet your appetite for a return visit.

The Saw Doctors have a song called Clare Island if you fancy listening to it 🙂