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Spring Arrives In Galway

Spring has arrived and those dark days are behind us once again. Nothing shouts louder in our garden that spring is on its way than the daffodils that bloom each year around Saint Patrick’s day.

Double Gold and a Great Tit

The garden feeder is in big demand at the moment. The dull days are not making for great photos, none the less here are two Gold Finches and a Great Tit grabbing a spot of lunch.

Introducing The Magenta Bat5 – Bat Detector

Very excited by a recent gift. Introducing The Magenta ‘Bat5’ – Digital Quartz Bat Detector, Locater and Listener. Wey hey have wanted one of these for ages and now have a bat detector of my very own.

First impressions are good, it lookes for all the world like a small portable radio (14cm x 7cm approx.). The controls are easy to use, an on / off volume control, a dial for changing the frequency you are listening to plus a large digital screen diaplaying the frequency. It also has a handy led light and two outputs, one for standard headphones and another for recording.

I also received the Magenta, Bat Detector Case, for Bat 4 & Bat 5 Detectors. This looks like a camera case and again very pleased with the product. I like the black / greeen colour, it can be worn on a belt or around your neck using the strap supplied. The case has some padding which should protect the bat detector from the occasional light knock. The bat detector is a pricey enough piece of kit, it won’t break the bank but, for me, it is out of my impulse buy range, so really the case is a must. However, if you had an old camera case of the right size I’m sure it would do just as well.

I have done a few tests with it, by listening to jangling keys and even rubbing your fingers together and all seems in order. I will update my report on the Magenta Bat 5 early next year as all the bats are in hibernation at the moment! Roll on springtime.

Some Bat Links Till Springtime