Galway Hookers, History & Sailing

I am attending a course at GTI to learn about Galway Hookers, their history, crew skills and of course how to sail them. Last Wednesday we were taken on a field trip to the Claddagh Cottage on Fairhill Road and given a talk by Brian Nolan of Galway Walks, a self confessed Folklore, Myth & History talker. The talk was very engaging, upbeat, a lot of fun and enjoyed by all who attended.

I’d say Brian’s walking tours are great – they start at bars in Eyre square and Salthill! I will be recommending both Brian and a trip to Katies Cottage to all my visitors in the future.

You can visit Brian’s Website here.

Next week we get to meet the Claddagh Boatmen who are restoring and repairing Hookers at the mouth of the Corrib.