Introducing The Magenta Bat5 – Bat Detector

Very excited by a recent gift. Introducing The Magenta ‘Bat5’ – Digital Quartz Bat Detector, Locater and Listener. Wey hey have wanted one of these for ages and now have a bat detector of my very own.

First impressions are good, it lookes for all the world like a small portable radio (14cm x 7cm approx.). The controls are easy to use, an on / off volume control, a dial for changing the frequency you are listening to plus a large digital screen diaplaying the frequency. It also has a handy led light and two outputs, one for standard headphones and another for recording.

I also received the Magenta, Bat Detector Case, for Bat 4 & Bat 5 Detectors. This looks like a camera case and again very pleased with the product. I like the black / greeen colour, it can be worn on a belt or around your neck using the strap supplied. The case has some padding which should protect the bat detector from the occasional light knock. The bat detector is a pricey enough piece of kit, it won’t break the bank but, for me, it is out of my impulse buy range, so really the case is a must. However, if you had an old camera case of the right size I’m sure it would do just as well.

I have done a few tests with it, by listening to jangling keys and even rubbing your fingers together and all seems in order. I will update my report on the Magenta Bat 5 early next year as all the bats are in hibernation at the moment! Roll on springtime.

Some Bat Links Till Springtime

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