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Iced Duck Anyone?


These pictures are going back a few months now. The small lake was frozen over during the cold weather and I snapped these guys just standing around on the ice. In the foreground of the photos we have Mallards with what I think are Black-headed guls in winter plumage in the background.

The photos were taken in Arklow, County Wicklow, on a pretty dull day with snow laden clouds. The photos are not of great quality but I just wanted to break my duck with, well, erm, ducks!

Black-headed Gull

I took these pictures in Galway city overlooking the harbour one lunchtime. The gulls were having a rare old time squabbling and making a good old fashioned racket. Hopefully the pictures convey some of the movement and activity I witnessed. I have put these down as Black-headed Gulls in winter plumage, thought I am open to correction on this one.