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Station To Station – Non Attended Pump Photos

Occasionally on my travels I spot the odd piece of abandoned technology, be it an old vending machine or as in this case old petrol pumps. There is something about them that interests me. I think it is that at one point they were in constant everyday use, a focal point, something we needed to use to get on with our day. Now they stand there unnoticed and abandoned. I took these photos of old petrol pumps in the space of three weeks or there abouts. One in each of counties Wicklow, Offaly and Galway.

Iced Duck Anyone?


These pictures are going back a few months now. The small lake was frozen over during the cold weather and I snapped these guys just standing around on the ice. In the foreground of the photos we have Mallards with what I think are Black-headed guls in winter plumage in the background.

The photos were taken in Arklow, County Wicklow, on a pretty dull day with snow laden clouds. The photos are not of great quality but I just wanted to break my duck with, well, erm, ducks!