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DIY Apparent Wind Indicator – Home made wind indicator for sailing boat

The winter storms deprived us of sailing opportunities and also one wind indicator from the top of my mast. Been buying one every two seasons or so, this year no more – I’m going to make my own. This looks like a good place to start. Will post photo of my finished DIY Wind Indicator when complete.

Saturday Spinnaker Sailing with Sport 14

Saturday Spinnaker Sailing with Sport 14

Trailing A Dinghy Safety

Trailing A Dinghy Safety

Came across this great article by Rooster.com and decided to publish the link here to share it and as a reminder to myself for when the time comes to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into wheel bearings and such like. Rooster have also posted a “Replace your Dinghy Trailer Hub” video on YouTube which may come in very useful in the future.

The article covers:

  • How-To: Replace your Dinghy Trailer Hub
  • Tie Down Straps
  • Hubs, bearings & wheels
  • Trailer Lighting Boards

Read the full article here.

Watch the video:

Sailing To The World

The World cruise liner visited Galway this week. Some of us dinghy sailors decided to sail out and have a look at her. The high pressure system giving us our mid twenties and above weather brings little in the way of wind but we gave it a shot anyway. These are a few pics of me sailing in calm waters out to see The World. Photos by John McCole, thanks John.