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Boat On Inishbofin

If I saw this picture on a postcard or travel brochure I’d think it was a set up to sell twee Ireland. But no, Ireland can be like this, I was just on a little wander on Iinishbofin and came accross this old boat. It was among some others which had passed their prime as functioning boats, but to say they have no value, well they brightened up my day if that counts for anything.

Wall Brown Butterfly

Wall Brown Butterfly

Wall Brown Butterfly - Inishbofin

This is a couple of Wall Brown Butterflies doing what ever butterflies do! I took this photo on Inishbofin, Co Galway, Ireland. They were in a grassy bank at the side of a one lane road which runs beside the sea. It was this photo that got me thinking about butterflies, how many different types we have in Ireland and if it was possible for me to take a picture of as many of different types as possible.