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Starling and Crane Fly (Daddy Long Legs)

Starlings and Hooded Crow in spring

Starling and Crane Fly (Daddy Long Legs)

Starling and Crane Fly (Daddy Long Legs)

Just getting around to these pictures on the camera memory card. They were taken in May at Ballyloughane beach, Galway. Thought I’d better get them online before the new year! There was what I can only describe as frenzied feeding of chicks going on that day. They seemed to collect food along the grass in waves, one bird overlapping the next, returning to their chicks in the trees beside the grass in an ongoing cycle. There was an absolute feast of Daddy Long Legs to get through. It was very interesting to watch and I got a good few photos, a selection of which I have published here. Nearby I saw a Hooded Crow lurking in the trees, I got the impression it was looking for an opportunity to grab a small chick, though I am not sure if that is what they do, but it was looking for something that’s for sure!

Early summer swallows

With what cannot be denied is the onset of autumn blowing around my doors and windows I was reminded of some pictures I took in early summer when today felt like it would never arrive. The whole summer was before me and I had not yet experienced that sinking feeling I get every year when June 21 passes. I was luck enough to be in Avebury this year for the solstice and then on to fun and frolics at Glastonbury a few days later, so the annual dip was put off for a few days. Until the festival hangover kicked in at any rate. Anyway I decided to dig out the pictures. The quality is not great but for the cheer me up it is not really autumn factor I thought I’d post them anyway.
Looking at the first picture there is a joke in there somewhere but I’m not going there, not even close, nope, not a chance of it, finished. If you hit on a good caption for it why not post a comment. The pictures were taken in a farmyard near the beautiful village of Clonbullogue, Co. Offaly, Ireland. The swallows were flying all around the place, zipping in and out of the farm building windows – including those vertical slit windows. Those birds can fly, as did the summer I though would never end.

The Blackbird

Much excitement in the garden today. We had some branches trimmed from a tree and the Blackbird in residence seemed to love all the action. Once the tree was trimmed it was darting about the branches and singing quite loudly. I’m guessing it was picking up an easy meal of disturbed insects. It is usually quite tame and is not too bothered by people in general, however today it just hopped about the garden as if we were not there at all.

Black-headed Gull

I took these pictures in Galway city overlooking the harbour one lunchtime. The gulls were having a rare old time squabbling and making a good old fashioned racket. Hopefully the pictures convey some of the movement and activity I witnessed. I have put these down as Black-headed Gulls in winter plumage, thought I am open to correction on this one.